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Reshaping your Sustainability Goals


Enabling Digital Assurance


We are committed to create a Smart, Secure and Sustainable (S3) world
S3 Innovate offers innovative and secure technology solutions to unlock your success in digital transformations. Collaborating with leading technology companies and industry leaders, S3 Innovate is your one-stop solution partner that offers an integrated consultancy and products to reshape your sustainability goals.


Headquartered in Singapore, we have a regional footprint in Manila, Dhaka, Jakarta, Yangon and Ho Chi Minh


We manage a portfolio of assets with clientele in commercial, retail, manufacturing, energy, data centres, government agencies, and cities (smart cities, estates, parks)

100 +

We deliver solutions to more than 100+ quality customers around the region

10 m+

IoT data points are collected across all systems and sensors and are designed for performance and scalability in Microsoft Azure
Talk to us about our technology desires. Explore the solutions to help transform your asset and business.


Explore solutions to enhance the productivity, experience and security of your Facilities, Workplace and People. We offer a consulting-led approach with an integrated portfolio of technology-led modules to meet the distinct needs of your business.

Digital Transformation

Empower your organisation and occupants with the new data-driven virtualized world. Automate your predictable tasks to create efficiencies and personalized services to your operations.

Industry 4.0 - Asset Management & Cost Optmization

Optimize and future proof your assets with business intelligence via machine learning, artificial intelligence and real-time analytics.

Digital Assurance

Enhance security across your enterprise asset and building portfolio by using leading-edge security systems and industry assurance.


Our integrated strategies enable more efficient benchmarking, performance measurement and reporting for more impactful sustainability initiatives.

Business Continuity / Crisis Management

Technology and data insights allow you build a resilient plan and to make informed crisis management decisions.

Digital Applications Development

Digital development for turnkey solutions to address enterprises needs for cloud computing, mobility, data analytics and systems integration


S3 Building Insights Platform is a scalable, customizable and secure solution that empowers your data-driven decisions to optimize assets and to drive sustainability and cost efficiency in your organization. This platform, powered by Microsoft Azure, provides real-time portfolio analysis and business intelligence for areas:
Asset Lifecycle and Maintenance
  • Manage and control your facilities and assets across geographies
  • Preventive and conditional based maintenance of Assets
  • Integrated and optimized facilities and asset performance
Digital Safety and Security
  • Intelligent surveillance through risk detection and video analytics
  • Automated alerts management function
  • Minimise risks and operations interruptions
Workplace & Tenant Management
  • Self-service and Integrated Tenant Services Hub
  • Enhance workplace experience and productivity of occupants
  • Revolutionize tenant satisfaction and engagement
Energy and Environment
  • Perform forcast analysis of energy consumption
  • Deliver usage metrics on an real-time basis and provide actionable insights for energy efficiency
  • Provide environmental datasets to measure outcomes and validate sustainability goals
Spatial Intelligence & Occupancy Tracking
  • Location awareness and contact tracing
  • Boost tenant retention and improve space design
  • Provides spatial and ambience intelligence of workplace environment


  • AI-Powered
  • Machine Learning
  • Geospatial-Powered
  • Self-service Dashboard and BI Reporting
  • Ease of set up
  • Affordable
  • Configurable Workflow Engine

S3 Building Insights can be configured and deployed in the following industries and their Assets:

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Data Centres
  • Government agencies
  • Smart Cities, Estates, Industrial Parks
Enabling Spatial Intelligence across the 3 domains: Facilities, Workplace and People
Enable Spatial Intelligence
Predictive Maintenance of Assets
Cut Energy Costs by 10-30%
Enable Spatial Intelligence
Heighten Security and Safety
Increase Resources Optimization by 20%
Enable Spatial Intelligence
Focus on Health and Wellness
Improve Occupant Productivity and Satisfaction


Microsoft and Building Construction Authority (BCA) Singapore

Help building managers and owners gain real-time insights and take pre-emptive actions to enable greater energy efficiency and enjoy 10-30% savings.

Surbana Jurong customer and DigiCert is partner.

Aggregates and analyses the different faults and alarms received and provide intelligent, preventive maintenance and increase the field technician’s productivity by at least 20%.

Government Agencies and Enterprises

Space optimization through the intelligent use of resources usage tracking can optimize space use by at least 15%.

C&W Services Singapore

Deliver full awareness of sustainability information of their managed portfolio of client facilities. This digital outcome cuts down manual reporting and onsite inspections done by their engineers.
Mr Ang Kian Seng
BCA’s Group Director of the Environmental Sustainability Group

“We are glad that S3 Innovate was able to overcome the challenges and meet our expectations in the development of the portal. S3 was able to quickly apply its IT expertise to integrate IOT, energy management and data collection from the buildings’ subsystems together at the same time apply data analytic to make sense of the data stored in the cloud.”
Annie Johnson
Managing Editor

“S3 Innovate Pte Ltd Recognized as APAC CIO Outlook TOP 25 MICROSOFT SOLUTION PROVIDERS – 2017 The annual listing of top companies providing Microsoft solutions in the APAC region ”
Gerald Leo
Director for One Commercial Partner and Small, Midmarket and Corporate Customers, Microsoft Singapore


Teo Say Leng, Sam

Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas Soon

Chief Strategy Officer